Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident in the quality of replacement parts we use and in our Spider Techs experience and attention to detail that we have decided to provide Lifetime Warranty on all parts and labor provided by our Spider Technicians. However there are the following conditions in which the warranty does not apply to. These following conditions are listed below.

What's not included in our warranty:

    Travel Fee
    Initially upon ordering of the service the travel charge was included in the repair price. However, if we have to send the technician back after 30 days from the repair date, then there will be a one time $45 travel charge.
    Foreign Parts
    If the customer provides the replacement parts then the warranty does not apply, or if the parts are provided by a Spider Tech and the customer decides to do it him/herself, then the Spider Warranty does not apply.
    Any subsequent damage of any kind caused to the device after the repair. This includes any kind of liquid damage whatsoever.
    Any mishandling that affected the frame to bend, twist, or crack. Damage resulting from misuse of any kind.
    Any software related issues, whether its factory, 3rd party applications, viruses, software upgrades or downgrades, Jail-broken or unlocked devices.
    Another Issue
    Faults unrelated to the original repair done (e.g. if we replace the battery then the warranty would not cover a faulty power button).
    Data Loss
    Loss of data (please backup your device before getting repaired).
    Another Repair
    If another repair is done on the device after our repair by someone other than a Spider Tech, then this will void our warranty.
    Any pre-condition issues from original repair. We replace the part that is malfunctioning, If you have a pre-existing issue and by us replacing the part does not solve the issue, we cannot be held liable and will have to collect full payment for our services.
    Broken Screens
    Broken or cracked screens (Glass or LCD).
    Manufacture Issue
    Any known manufacturing and/or performance issues related to the device separate from the repair, as noted prior to the repair.
    Bio Home Button
    A non-working, damaged or severed home button/bio-metric scanner.

Please note: Warranty claims are answered within 3 working business days during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 9am-7pm). Please take into notice that the warranty is valid exclusively to the customer who purchased the repair and whose name is on the receipt. The warranty is not transferable whatsoever. If the device ownership is distributed to another individual or entity the Spider Warranty will be invalid.

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