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We'll come to your home, office or local coffee shop and repair your device on the spot. Anywhere, anytime, we'll be there for you.

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Our technicians are level 2 and level 3 certified. Additionally, we perform background checks.
We hire field experienced technicians.

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We offer lifetime warranty on parts and labor provided by our spider techs. Order with confidence, we've got you covered.

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Cell Phone Repair in Manhattan, NY

Manhattan is the economic center of New York City and is the most densely populated borough. With so much movement and activity you can't afford to be disconnected here. Spider Techs offers a unique "We come to you" cell phone repair service unlike the CPR shops. We save you time and money eliminating the need to find a reputable cell phone repair shop. No need to hail a cab, wait for the subway, or even worse drive around in New York City traffic. No more waiting on line at the Apple store, or booking service appointments for whenever they have availability for you. At Spider Techs we are always ready to service your broken mobile device in Manhattan. We'll travel to your Manhattan location and fix your broken screen on the spot. Whether you're busy in the office, lounging at home, or sipping away at your local Manhattan Starbucks, We'll come to you.

Our cell phone repair services

We can fix just about anything related to iPhone repairs such as iPhone 6S Plus cracked screens and iPhone SE faulty batteries. We have experience in repairing Samsung Galaxies as well, from glass replacements, power buttons, faulty speakers, and many other phone repair needs. Many visitors may come from foreign countries to New York City and find that their iPhones are locked to a specific mobile carrier they may have a contact with. We offer hassle free iPhone unlocking solutions.

Lifetime warranty on your repair

You can sleep well knowing that we stand behind our phone part replacements and the mobile device repairs we offer. We want you to order your cell phone repair in Manhattan with confidence, therefore we have decided to provide a lifetime warranty on all parts and services Spider Techs provides.

How does it work?

The way we work is simple and straight forward. Our pricing structure is transparent, there are no gimmicks or hidden fees. As soon as you are ready, just click on this pricing link, and select the device and model which needs repair. Then choose relevant service, and then click continue. The next screen will ask you to enter the information relevant to your phone repair in Manhattan. After this step, your job is done. We begin by processing your order as soon as it comes into our system. Then our dispatch department forwards the information to a cell phone repair specialist near you. Following this, a certified Spider Tech will contact you to confirm the order and coordinate a time of your choosing. Finally, the technician will promptly arrive at your Manhattan location. The technician will proceed with the cell phone repair which takes 15 to 20 minutes on average. The phone repair can be done on any dry and flat surface. You only pay after your phone is fixed. That's it! we give you the opportunity to stay at home or continue your daily tasks in the office. By the way, we don't like traffic but love fixing iPhones.

Why Us?

We Come To You

We provide on-demand service straight to your home, office or local coffee shop. Unlike repair shops, our technicians are mobile, friendly, and ready to meet you wherever you are.

Flat Pricing

We offer flat rate competitive pricing. Our flat rate pricing are guaranteed with no gimmicks and no hidden fees. What you see is what you pay.

Fast Response

We have live agents ready to answer your call 24/7. Our technicians are ready willing and able to be at your door step within an hour. The average repair time is 15-20 minutes.

Lifetime Warranty

We are confident in the parts we use and experience of our technicians. For this reason we provide a Lifetime Warranty on all parts and labor for all devices we service.

Services We Offer

  • Screen Repair

    Screen Repair

    Cracked, malfunctioning and distorted screen. This can apply to the exterior glass (digitizer) or interior LCD.
  • Faulty Speakers

    Faulty Speakers

    Audio doesn't work. This can apply to low hearing or malfunctioning of the devices loud speaker.
  • Faulty Microphone

    Faulty Microphone

    Microphone is too low or not working at all. Upon speaking the recepient cannot hear you or hear you very low.
  • Damaged Ear Piece

    Damaged Ear Piece

    Static, fuzzy or non-working audio. If you cannot hear well and it's not related to cell phone network.
  • WiFi Antenna

    WiFi Antenna

    Poor or no WiFi connectivity. Unable to establish a WiFi connection. Constantly receiving poor signal.
  • Headphone Jack

    Headphone Jack

    Headphone connector isn't working. If you're having issues establishing a connection to the headphone jack.
  • Faulty Battery

    Faulty Battery

    Battery drains out quickly, or if the battery doesn't fully charge, or if battery heats up quickly.
  • Charging Port

    Charging Port

    Phone doesn't charge. If you're having issues establishing a connection to charge your device.
  • Back/Front Camera

    Back/Front Camera

    Faulty or broken camera. If either the front or back cameras do not respond or you see a black screen.
  • Power/Volume/Vibrate


    Phone doesn't turn on or power button is stuck. Volume not going up or down. Vibrator is weak or not working.
  • Home Button

    Home Button

    Non-functioning, home button is stuck or unresponsive. Bio-Metric is unrepairable with replacement of home button.
  • Phone Unlocking

    Phone Unlocking

    Unlock your device from the carrier that locked it. Unlocking your device will allow you to use it with a foreign sim card.

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