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Cell Phone Repair in the Bronx, NY

How often does your iPhone slip out of your hands? people have a tendency to hold multiple items in their hand along with your cell phone. All it takes is one bad drop landing at the edge of the phone, or even worse flat down on the screen for your entire glass to shatter. Surely this has happened to you and people you know multiple times. I bet you see people walking around with cracked screens all the time. As a Bronx resident, what are your options when it comes to cell phone repair? Fortunately, there are a few. In this article we will discuss the options available to you, pros and cons, and why Spider Techs is the best choice for cell phone repairs in the Bronx.

Cell phone repair options in the Bronx

The most common phone repair issues are cracked screens, broken glass, or non working LCD. Other popular cell phone repairs are faulty batteries, malfunctioning cameras and non-working home button. All of these common issues can be repaired by one of the five options we will discuss.

Apple Store

For iPhone owners, the most common choice people have made is going to an Apple store. This means that you have to hop on the subway into Manhattan or even worse, drive into the city, dealing with traffic conditions and good luck finding parking. Apple also requires that you book an appointment in advance which depends on their availability, in many cases not on the same day. While it may be fun and entertaining going to an Apple store not everyone has the time. In addition you are most likely to pay the top dollar amount in the market for the respective repair. In many cases Apple doesn't even fix the issue but rather replaces your iPhone with a refurbished one. However, if they do elect to repair the device, your most certainly to receive a quality repair by a certified technician.

Local Repair Shops

Due to rapid demand in cell phone repairs these days, more and more cell phone repair shops have opened up in the Bronx. Whats even more common is cell phone and electronic stores now offer smartphone repairs. This may seem convenient, if you live around the corner from Fordham Rd. or 3rd Avenue. However, Keep in mind that many retail shop personnel in the Bronx are sales people which have no experience in smartphone repairs and lack training. In many cases they do not do the repairs in house, but rather send it to a repair center. Shops have huge overhead and charge accordingly to stay afloat. Local shops may not always be reputable and may install used parts. The upside to local cell phone repair shops is that they might be around the corner.

Mail in Service

While some mail in service options may be reasonably priced, the downside is the turnaround time. Can you imagine not being with your phone for a few days, let alone a few hours, I don't think so. In many cases you will find that repair shops and mobile services will often match or even beat the prices of mail in services. Yes, this used to be a popular option a few years ago when DIY kits where scarce, and the only alternative was going through the manufacture which charged an arm and a leg. As the rapid demand for cell phone repairs in the Bronx increased so has the supply.

Do It Yourself

Oh no, you seriously weren't considering this option. I know, I know, DIY kits are available on Amazon for 2 peanuts and a spoon. There are vast amount of YouTube videos and literature online showing you how to fix your phone yourself. Ask yourself this

  1. Do you really know which quality part your buying? you know their all made in China.
  2. Do you have the time to wait for the part to be delivered?
  3. Do you have the time to learn how to fix your phone and actually do it right?
  4. Are you confident that you have the sufficient training to get it done right the first time?

In conclusion, It's recommended to leave the job of the tradesman to the tradesman.

Spider Techs

Spider Techs offer a unique cell phone repair service unmatched in the industry. We save you time and money by providing the following benefits to all Bronx residents in need of cell phone repairs.

  • We come to you: Our technicians are mobile and ready to come to your doorstep anywhere in the Bronx, NY.
  • Certified Technicians: Our Spider Techs must pass our training program, have prior device repair experience and go through a background check to get hired.
  • Lifetime Warranty: We are so confident in the quality parts we use and repair we provide that we're guaranteeing our work for life.

In short, you don't have to leave your house or work to get your iPhone screen replaced. You don't have to pay extra for this service. And you don't have to worry about it having the same issue again. So if you're having problems with your iPhone, Galaxy, iPad or iPod, book online now and see how we can help you.

Why Us?

We Come To You

We provide on-demand service straight to your home, office or local coffee shop. Unlike repair shops, our technicians are mobile, friendly, and ready to meet you wherever you are.

Flat Pricing

We offer flat rate competitive pricing. Our flat rate pricing are guaranteed with no gimmicks and no hidden fees. What you see is what you pay.

Fast Response

We have live agents ready to answer your call 24/7. Our technicians are ready willing and able to be at your door step within an hour. The average repair time is 15-20 minutes.

Lifetime Warranty

We are confident in the parts we use and experience of our technicians. For this reason we provide a Lifetime Warranty on all parts and labor for all devices we service.

Services We Offer

  • Screen Repair

    Screen Repair

    Cracked, malfunctioning and distorted screen. This can apply to the exterior glass (digitizer) or interior LCD.
  • Faulty Speakers

    Faulty Speakers

    Audio doesn't work. This can apply to low hearing or malfunctioning of the devices loud speaker.
  • Faulty Microphone

    Faulty Microphone

    Microphone is too low or not working at all. Upon speaking the recepient cannot hear you or hear you very low.
  • Damaged Ear Piece

    Damaged Ear Piece

    Static, fuzzy or non-working audio. If you cannot hear well and it's not related to cell phone network.
  • WiFi Antenna

    WiFi Antenna

    Poor or no WiFi connectivity. Unable to establish a WiFi connection. Constantly receiving poor signal.
  • Headphone Jack

    Headphone Jack

    Headphone connector isn't working. If you're having issues establishing a connection to the headphone jack.
  • Faulty Battery

    Faulty Battery

    Battery drains out quickly, or if the battery doesn't fully charge, or if battery heats up quickly.
  • Charging Port

    Charging Port

    Phone doesn't charge. If you're having issues establishing a connection to charge your device.
  • Back/Front Camera

    Back/Front Camera

    Faulty or broken camera. If either the front or back cameras do not respond or you see a black screen.
  • Power/Volume/Vibrate


    Phone doesn't turn on or power button is stuck. Volume not going up or down. Vibrator is weak or not working.
  • Home Button

    Home Button

    Non-functioning, home button is stuck or unresponsive. Bio-Metric is unrepairable with replacement of home button.
  • Phone Unlocking

    Phone Unlocking

    Unlock your device from the carrier that locked it. Unlocking your device will allow you to use it with a foreign sim card.

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